Kam Thye talks about Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai Yoga Massage was a full program including history, philosophy, Ayurveda, postures and ways of practice. The Master Kam Thye Chow is knowledgeable and respectful of the Sivananda system and the Ashram which is very important to me.”
Helena Butler, Satya
Kam Thye is an inspiring teacher. Very friendly and motivating; creates an excellent environment in the class. Very practical and creative massage instruction. Great role model for the Sivananda institute, with a spiritual touch to all teaching. Jasmine and Mirabi were excellent supports and instructors to the classes; enhanced every experience.
Sevag Boyajuun,
I really like Kam Thye’s teaching; he makes complex things simple!! He’s a really good teacher; a lot of energy. I really appreciate my learnings with him. :)
Pascale Arsenault,

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